Causality 6

Causality 6Causality 6 is a Flash-based point-and-click game with puzzle elements divided into three different levels. The only condition for passing to the next level is to eliminate everyone on the screen. You can’t kill anyone directly, but by clicking the objects and people found on each level, you can cause deadly accidents. They won’t know what hit ‘em!

Causality 6 is a point-and-click puzzle game with a twisted objective. Your goal is to pass to the next level, but in order to do that, everyone you see on the screen must die. Stick men games are notorious for focusing on death and violence as the cornerstones of their gameplay, but no other game pulls it off quite as spectacularly.

You are able to cause random accidents by clicking on people and objects you will see on the screen. Depending on what and when you do, the results will be different. There’s only one way to beat each level, but it takes some time before you find out what it is.

The first level of Causality 6 takes you to the butcher’s shop with a bakery upstairs. Prepare for your precision clicks to fill this otherwise peaceful setting with blood and death, by crushing cracks in the walls, making stick men unwillingly steal bread and activating the grinder at the right moment.

The latest entry of the Causality game series is a combination of successfully reused ideas, as well as unexpected twists and turns. There don’t seem to be any extra features added in this part, but the premise is basic enough for the mechanics to stay the same.

Causality 6The later level areas include a nightclub and a church, both filled with plenty of situations, injuries and deaths to bring a surprised expression or even a smile to your face. Long time fans of stick men games will definitely appreciate the game’s attempts at humor, while it might require some getting used to from casual Flash gamers.

While the lack of sound and some convoluted puzzles can’t be overlooked, these are only slight hiccups in an otherwise entertaining and engaging entry to the declining genre of stick men games. If clicking your mouse button frantically and causing random accidents is your thing, definitely check out Causality 6!