Causality Stickmas

Causality StickmasCausality Stickmas is a point-and-click puzzle game with one goal and one rule. Kill everyone and don’t let anyone else see it happen. The lack of weapons is fully made up by your ability to cause freak accidents by the click of your button. Press, touch and push people or objects to cause the deaths of Santa, his elves, reindeers and a random stranger in this Christmas-themed Causality game!

Causality Stickmas is a Holiday-themed entry in the popular point-and-click puzzle game series where you must kill every living soul on the screen and do so while not letting anyone else see the act. The game’s signature trait is the ability to cause random objects to behave weirdly (and dangerously) by a click of your mouse button, ultimately resulting in bloody accidents and unfortunate deaths.

The game’s title is a play of words on Christmas, so you might as well prepare for your first and last meeting with Santa, his elven helper and his reindeers. As in all stick men games, there’s not much detail put into the characters, but their clothes and the overall decorations are admittedly beautiful.

Causality Stickmas is definitely the most colorful game in the series to date. It takes you to a wonderful winter scenery with a bright full moon shining over a peaceful town. Visuals of that quality level are not that common in stick men games. All the buildings are covered in snow with a brightly decorated Christmas tree in the middle, soon to be splattered with blood.

Causality StickmasThis is also one of the shortest stick men games you will play, both in Causality series and overall. You will probably clear it in less than two minutes, as soon as you get the hang of all the tricks it can throw at you.

At the end of the game you will see the time and number of clicks it took you to beat the game. Even if your score is not too competitive, you will probably not be compelled to try the game one more time to set a new record.

On the other hand, this little gem is quite fun to play the first time around, especially if you find yourself in a holiday mood. If you find yourself with a couple of minutes to spare and a need to play stick men games, go ahead and take your best shot at Causality Stickmas!