Causality Story Part 1

Causality Story Part 1Causality Story Part 1 is a point-and-click puzzle game where you’re supposed to cause random accidents with the click of a mouse and kill unsuspecting stick men in the process. This time, however, they’re on to you! Cover your tracks by killing the scientists, researchers and media folk who are a few steps away from revealing your secrets to the world.

Causality Story Part 1 is a point-and-click game where random accidents, deaths and mouse clicks appear side by side in a series of challenging puzzles. The only goal is to kill every stick man on screen, something many stick men games can relate to. The only rule is not to let any of them see each other die, which adds a bit of a stealth thing to the mix. The new isometric graphics and smoother animation of the game deserve a special mention, as they give it a refreshing quality feel previous entries had lacked.

The only controls you should care about is aiming with your mouse and clicking on people or objects to cause a response, mostly in form of an explosion, freak accident or a bloody death. Long-time fans of the series will have no problems adapting to the game’s specific gameplay, as well as the new direction of its storytelling.

Causality Story Part 1 promises some sort of development in the game’s plot judging by the title alone, and you can be sure it’s delivered. Admittedly, it’s not the deepest of storylines, but that’s not something stick men games are known and played for anyway.

The first level is set in a cafeteria where six stick men are awaiting their doom caused by five perfectly timed accidents. However, upon clearing the level, unprecedented complications seem to arise.

A news team is on to you in the second level with their investigation of seemingly random deaths that have been happening in the stick men world lately. In the light of the looming threat of your existence being uncovered and reported to the world’s population, you must deal with these troublemakers at once!

Causality Story Part 1The third level has a group of researchers performing an autopsy on one of the bodies from your most recent rampage. The trail of deaths can lead them to you, so quick action is necessary. Kill them all and complete the game!

With more motivation you also get more creative ways to kill. Electricity, the weather and even the power to reanimate the dead is now at your disposal, so the first part of this story-based Causality game promises to be very interesting. Don’t hesitate to take a break from the usual stick men games and play Causality Story Part 1!