Causality 2

Causality 2Causality 2 is a puzzle game with twisted game mechanics. Click on the objects you see on your screen and trigger deadly accidents that will leave stick men without their heads and lives. Once everyone you see ends up dead, you move on to the next level, where even more surprising deaths await you!

Causality 2 is a sequel of the surprisingly well-received puzzle game that involves killing stick people with random accidents caused by the click of a mouse. Just like its predecessor, this game leads you through four different levels of varying difficulty, while you try to figure out the right objects to click and the correct sequence to follow.

Unlike most other stick men games, you have absolutely no stakes in the events that take place on screen, except for the need to kill everyone and perhaps the fun of watching them die. You will catch yourself plan some of the deaths in advance, while others may come as a complete surprise. In the end, your success will depend on how well you learn from your failed attempts and pay attention to the objects on screen.

The first level of Causality 2 takes place in a three-story apartment building where an opera singer’s daily practice is not letting a stick man take his bath in peace. Featuring a ridiculous sound loop as the diva’s voice and a small kid’s even louder snoring, this is clearly not one of those few stick men games that aim for realism.

Causality 2The events that unfold at the apartment lead to a peaceful evening at a non-stereotypical cemetery besides a small church. In this level you have clearly gained control over the forces of nature (such as pooping birds).

Level three is based in a theme park, and as expected, your mouse cursor is left to the task of disabling whatever operational safety features you may find.

The final level of the game takes you to the movies, which promise to be quite bloody.
If you enjoy playing stick men games with a dark twist, you will have a great time beating the deadly puzzles of Causality 2.