Causality 3

Causality 3Causality 3 is a point and click puzzle game where everyone’s fate is at the tip of your mouse. Cause deadly accidents and flashy explosions by clicking on different objects you will find throughout three different levels. Beat them all by killing everyone you see without letting anyone else witness it.

Causality 3 continues the chain of deaths started by the first two games and carried out with the help of your mouse cursor! As usual, you look through the screen for clickable objects and set off terrible accidents that take the lives of on-screen stick men in elaborate ways. There definitely aren’t a lot of similar stick men games on the Internet, so it’s worth checking out.

“Don’t let anyone see anyone else die” is the first and only rule in this point and click adventure puzzle game, as the helpful main menu text will kindly tell you. That’s all the help you’ll need before starting on your death-inducing clickthrough journey, as you’ll soon discover the rest of the game’s mechanics to be pretty basic.

Click. See what happens. Repeat.

The player starts the game in a subway, inevitably clicking on everything even remotely clickable. If that’s the case with you as well, you can be fairly sure about not beating this game on your first try. Or the second. Or third, and so on.

Once you do get it right, you’ll witness stick men slipping on spilled soda and landing on the train tracks, heads being sliced clean off by skateboards and if you ever see an escalator in this game, you can bet it will chomp someone up at one point or another. As you can see, the violence is typical for most stick men games, but how you arrive at that violence is rather unique.

Two last levels of Causality 3 take place in a restaurant and a space station in Earth’s orbit. Causality 3The first feels almost like an assassination mission, with poisoned food, well-timed clicks and all, making it perhaps the most engaging level in the whole series. Zero G feel of the latter will have a different kind of appeal you wouldn’t have encountered on other levels.

Causality 3 seems to inherit the mixed fascination with violence and silliness seen in other stick men games, so fans of the genre will definitely find what they’re looking for. It also manages to cause a wide range of human emotions in every player, ranging from total frustration over impossible puzzles to complete satisfaction with your newfound evil genius.