Causality 4

Casuality 4In Causality 4 you must kill every stick man on the screen without letting them see each other die. Your only way of doing it is by causing freak accidents and doing so in the correct order. Find clickable objects on the screen and use their effects to your advantage!

Causality 4 is a point-and-click puzzle game that’s hungry for your attention, as well as deaths of unsuspecting stick men. By clicking on objects and people you find on the screen, you are supposed to clear each level from every living soul you encounter, passing to the next one as you turn the map into a wasteland.

The first level of Causality 4 takes you to a medieval battlefield, which sounds like a great opportunity to let your killing skills loose on the unsuspecting knights and archers. However, the battle turns out pretty awkward as you can’t let stick men see each other die. At all. In other words, if one of the stick men kills an enemy soldier, they make a big fuss about it and you lose the round.

Despite how unreasonable this seems in the context of stick men games, the battle turns out to be pretty entertaining. Some guy launches himself with a trebuchet, a drawbridge lands on a knight’s head and there’s even a hungry croc involved at one point.

Causality 4The usual rules of Causality games apply, including the necessity of getting the sequence of events right in order to pass to the next level. Causality 4 even adds speed to the mix. Some events must be initiated simultaneously in order to work properly.

The accidents themselves range from surprising to predictable. Violence is an integral part of stick men games and this adventure-puzzle is no exception.

The degree of humor involved will depend on your personal preference. Funniest moments seem to pass quickly. Blink, and you’ll miss them. The ‘good’ news is that you’ll probably have to replay each level quite a few times before passing.

If you’re a fan of the series or would like to take a break from the usual stick men games, go ahead and take your best shot with Causality 4!