Effing Worms – Stickman

Stickman WormsEffing Worms – Stickman is a game that puts you in the role of a giant worm. Your goal is to dig underground and come out only to destroy the numerous stick men that try to destroy you. Every level gets harder, so don’t forget to pick the upgrades that matter most.

Effing Worms – Stickman is a game in the stick men games genre. Your goal is to devour as many stickmen as possible with the giant worm at your disposal. You have new upgrades every new level, but your enemies grow stronger as well. The gameplay of Stickman – Worms is simplistic but fun. The giant worm at your disposal resembles a big variant of the ever so popular snake. The movement and controls are fluid and it’s definitely fun to dash out combos, devouring as many stick men as possible, in order to achieve Rampage mode which boosts your health and gives you more speed. Every upgrade counts and as the game becomes harder, you would need to pick wisely. There are no difficulty settings and you have a health bar, which gradually drains over time and is filled as soon as you devour more enemy stick men. As far as stick men games go, this one charms us with a nice soundtrack that helps make the activities fun. The sound effects themselves are not that great, but there is still a lot of work noticeably put into that department.

Stickman Worms


The sounds of devouring stick men and those of bombs going off are no simple pre-defined midis. There isn’t much to graphics in Effing Worms – Stickman. The worm is drawn nicely and the stick men look ordinary, while the backgrounds of the levels are neatly colored. What’s nice about the graphics of this game are the smooth animations which boost the action up and make you feel as though you are really controlling a gigantic worm. The game is fun and addictive and is definitely worth a play through. Although it’s nothing new in the stick men genre, the sweet sense of humor and the numerous upgrades make it a fun experience during your coffee break.