Electricman 2

Electricman 2Electric Man 2 is a Flash-based fighting game that puts you up against deadly competition in the Tournament of the Voltagen, having you deal damage with skillful martial arts moves and flashy special attacks. Punch, kick and send your opponents flying to see if you can come out on top!

Electric Man 2 doesn’t seem to suffer from the limitations imposed by Flash on other stick men games, instead delivering polished game mechanics, fitting visuals and an amazing fighting experience. Out of all the browser-based games you’ll play (and beat), this is one of the few you will want to replay.

At the core of the game is one (electric) man’s struggle to crush the opposition in the Tournament of the Voltagen, an inter-galactic fighting championship divided into five rounds leading up to the final. Every round consists of four fights, which rarely feature less than three opponents stacked against you. That’s probably how Voltagen shows their appreciation for newcomers.

Fortunately, Electric Man 2 doesn’t lack for a wide range of combat moves to turn the tides in your favor. The attacks you can pull can be roughly divided into regular moves and specials. The latter result in some serious damage and awesome slow-motion sequences at the expense of ‘battery life’ you can only recharge by fighting more enemies.

All of this is accomplished by the arrow keys and six other buttons, which actually make for a much more intuitive gameplay than it might originally seem. You might be bewildered by the game’s many options at first, but once you’re out of the training room, you’ll be tapping your keyboard like a pro!

Electric Man 2The versatile fighting techniques is what sets the game apart from other stick men games, but the enemy AI is not far behind. The first time you see the enemy crouch to dodge an incoming teammate flying helplessly through the air, you’ll be willing to swear you’re fighting human players here!

In fact, your opponents seem prone on adapting to your fighting style and dodge your moves once you start using them too often, prompting you to mix it up a bit. They also know how to pick their battles, often escaping your grip just before you’re about to initiate your deadliest special attack.

If you’re tired of boring stick men games that you stop caring about 5 minutes into the gameplay, go play Electric Man 2!