Escape From Rhetundo Island

Escape From Rhetundo IslandEscape From Rhetundo Island is a Flash-based puzzle game aimed at leading a stick man through an obstacle course, from point A to point B. The little guy moves on his own while your goal is to insure that he doesn’t get stuck or stopped by obstacles. The game consists of multiple levels, has an environment you can interact with and quite a few special items to collect.

If you’re a fan of playing games on your mobile devices, you’ll find Escape From Rhetundo Island very similar to another highly popular puzzle game. Based on your ability to affect the environment, it has you leading a stick character through various obstacles and making sure the little guy arrives safely on the other side.

Obviously, the concept is far from being revolutionary and has been featured in countless games both before and after this one, but Escape From Rhetundo Island is one of the precious few stick men games that does it right.

The first few levels the game throws at you might be a little bit confusing. This is part of the inevitable learning process. As you progress through the game, you will find more engaging puzzles to deal with. Possible solutions are provided not only by the environment, but also by different items you will collect on your way through the levels, retaining some of them for later use.
Escape From Rhetundo IslandAmong your many options to get actively involved with the gameplay use a crane to bring extra objects onto the screen or make the stick man jump using special items. You will sometimes have to eliminate or avoid dangerous enemies that will get in his way Just like with any other puzzle games, creative thinking is the key to success.

The graphics are simple, but sleek. Your mouse is your only control, so you’re free to explore the clickable items on the screen for as much as you like.

The only slightly annoying feature about the game is the lack of saving checkpoints, but it makes Escape From Rhetundo Island all the more challenging and fun when compared to other stick men games. Go play the game and see for how long you can make those 5 lives last in the game.