FightManFight Man is one of the best stick men games to have graced the virtual world of Flash gaming. Based on the popular stick fighting series by Xiao Xiao (Zhu Zhiquiang), it’s considered a classic of the genre, and rightly so. Enemies equipped with a wide range of weapons, different combos and an awesome boss battle make it a must play of Flash games.

The first few moments of gameplay in Fight Man throw you right in the middle of things, where your stick man character is forced to fight his way through a gang of purple-colored thugs.

As you’ll immediately discover, the scene of the combat is apparently a computer desk, with a scene from Xiao Xiao’s latest stick movie bright flashing on the monitor. It’s best to be seen, rather than explained, but I’m certain you’ll be able to appreciate it as a great design choice on the game developer’s part.

The controls of the game are presented to you right after the load screen, before you’re ready to click the ‘Play’ button and jump into the thick of things, something that many other stick men games would benefit from. A combination of direction arrows and three buttons for attack moves, you’ll be able to use several different fighting techniques throughout the game.

There’s the regular punch, which sets off a fighting combo against your enemies and, provided that you’re not interrupted, culminates in a kick of your foot. You can initiate the kick on your own using the second button, but it’s a long and sweeping motion which might give your foes an opening and should only be used in one-on-one situations. FightManThen there’s the jump, which you can use in combination with two other buttons to discover different ways of landing blows while in mid-air.

There is no particular storyline involved, but as with all stick men games, Fight Man is divided into separate levels of uninterrupted progression. As you clear all the enemies on your screen, you’re allowed to move on to the next area where you will have to fight even more angry goons. All of this culminates with a challenging boss encounter, which is more tiring than tricky, but a great conclusion to a great game nevertheless.

To see for yourself how great this stick men game is, go ahead and play Fight Man right now!