Hitstick 5

Hitstick 5The incredible Hitstick experience has never been as good as in Hitstick 5. Return to the role of your favorite stick assassin and take on a set of assassination missions, each harder than the last one. With boosted gameplay and graphics, this game is the greatest addition to the franchise yet.

With the ever-gaining popularity of stick men games, Pyrozen have been fighting for the first spot. Hitstick 5, the latest addition to the Hitstick franchise, a parody of the Hitman franchise, is better than all its prequels alike. The gameplay has been boosted and you can make use of the surrounding areas even more than in previous games of the franchise.

You play as a nameless agent, who in each level is given a set of objectives, most commonly the assassination of designated targets. The game is controlled solely using the mouse, save for the space bar, which is used for reloading. The gameplay this time around implementing all the elements that were present in previous Hitstick games, making Hitstick 5 a worthy part of the stick men games franchise.

This time wearing outfits is useful even in the first mission, where you can’t get through the entrance of the opera house which you have to invade, The shooting mechanics are pretty much the same, but they are pretty fast paced and you must be constantly weary of the place where you should commit your first shot, because your health bar drains even faster than in previous games of this stick men games franchise.

Hitstick 5Hitstick 5 has wonderful graphics just like the rest of the series, with colorful and well-drawn level sets, and even though the animations are totally gone, except for the shooting of weapons, it still provides a thrilling experience. The great soundtrack of previous games returns to take you on the journey of becoming the ultimate assassin.

Hitstick 5 is a good way to kill time and if you are a fan of previous games of the series, you should definitely not miss this one once again. You would be literally spending hours trying to go through the interesting and involving missions.