IndustryIndustry is a Flash-based puzzle where you need to initiate a chain of events that will advance you to the next level. The game consists of making various objects, tools and stick people do different things, until you find the right path to progression. From switching on buttons and levers to shooting cannons, the game offers an enjoyable gameplay experience and a pleasant atmosphere.

Industry looks like a game that came straight from your own imagination, just like one of those stick men games you used to draw on paper at some point in your life. It lets you face weird puzzles that don’t seem all that polished, yet provide a huge entertainment value.

The game requires you to complete every single puzzle in a predetermined sequence, which will make you use the reset button very often. Fortunately, it doesn’t throw you back to the first level and lets you replay every single stage of the game for as many times as you like. It probably runs the danger of getting boring over time, but I’ve never experienced it as I always advanced to the next level before it could happen.


The graphics in Industry are not its biggest charm, which is not uncommon for stick men games as whole. It doesn’t lack for originality and a certain creative spark, seemingly exercised by the player’s own ingenious solutions to tricky problems.
The gameplay is the real gem of Industry. You’ll encounter various situations and objects that will set in motion something that will help or harm your chances for progressing to the next level.

The game is best beaten in one sitting, seeing as continued replaying of the same levels over and over again might make it grow rather boring. Its strong side is the player’s joy of discovering how to make things work and once you’ve figured it out, the only way to experience it again is to do it on the next level.

With not much of a re-playability value or artistic charm, but lots of fun to be hand from discovering amusing puzzle sequences, Industry is a must play for fans of browser-based stick man adventure genre. Find your way through the levels and try not to cheat!