Jim & Jon



 Jim and Jon were two normal brothers until they got involve in some situations that transform them and their lives forever. Their origins are unknown and as they do not live for long time in the same place, that makes hard to find them. Normally if they want, they’ll find you.


Jim is an expert with fire weapons, he can shoot anything he wants to, it doesn’t matter the size of it or the distance, he could use an sniper rifle or a bazooka, but make sure Jimhe won’t miss the target.

Everybody call him Jim, but only his brother, Jon, call him Jimmy, which he doesn’t mind coming from his brother, but hates it from any other people.

Jon is the oldest one and has always a point where he over protect his young brother, although his brother is even tougher than him.






Jon, in the other had, is an body combat specialist. He is an expert in a several martial arts, making his body a deathly weapon itself.


Jon can control any type of body weapons, like Nunchaku, Daggers, the Stick, or his favourite double Swords, that he calls them the “Twins”. (Yes  he always have 2 swords).

Jon is very proud of his big brother, and although he loves him very much, is always trying to piss him of with jokes an his over weight; but be careful, only Jon can take the piss of his brother, if some one else does, and Jim doesn’t like,  Jon gets very upset, and could became very dangerous.



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