Rage 2

Rage 2Rage 2 allows you to destroy your enemies with your gun, explosives and close quarters combat while rushing through levels filled with a wide range of powerups. Beat up stick men, kill aliens with your sword and detonate grenades to bring down massive energy weapons. Don’t hold back your rage!

Not to be confused with the first-person shooter by id Software, Rage 2 is a Flash-based fighting game featuring two different gameplay modes and named after the powerful powerup you acquire once you’ve dealt enough damage to enemies.

You control your character using the arrow keys and four attack buttons, each corresponding to their own move. A sufficient number kills sends you into a fit of rage that allows you to explore extra button combinations for special attacks that will leave your enemies hoping they’d sit out that fight at home.

Stick men games have overrun the web in the past few years, but Rage 2 has some original features to bring to the table, making up for its commonly seen premise. You are fighting your way through many levels of enemies, collecting powerup coins and beating bosses with your special weapons and ultimate attacks.

Like most stick men games, it features a survival mode that drops you off on a small strip of land, leaving you to fend off randomly appearing enemies and hold against the ever-increasing opposition, right until your health bar gives in and you have a score to show for the time you spent.

Rage 2Your huge silver gun makes up the core of your arsenal, with a pack of grenades prepared just in case you come over a big heavy plasma cannon. You can also choose between using your fists or your sword, but there is little distinction between those two attacks.

The style of its artwork and animation may seem as sloppy as in other stick men games, but here it manages to highlight the sketchy background, ridiculously flashy moves and over the top gameplay features.

Even if fighting games are not your specialty, you might should give it a try and play Rage 2.