Save The Witness

Save The WitnessSave The Witness is sniper game based around the premise of protecting a witness from harm. You’re equipped with a sniper rifle and are assigned missions by the local sheriff. It’s packed with many original features you won’t see in most other stick men games, and is presented in stylish black and white graphics.

The main goal of Save The Witness is probably clear from the game’s title. You’re getting out of your way to protect someone so they can testify in court. The trick is, for one reason or another, the witness can’t know you’re protecting him, so most of the shots you fire are done behind his back.

Admittedly, the concept is far more engaging than you’d see in most other stick men games and that alone is a good enough reason to try out Save The Witness for yourself. Assassinations are not the main focus, as you often have to be creative and shoot surrounding objects to affect the events in a way that would remove the witness from harm’s way.

Save The WitnessYour missions are often filled with a creative spark common for puzzle games and you might see the objective ‘Kill Nobody’ a bit more often than you might like. However, if you give this game a chance to prove its worth, it won’t disappoint you.
The things you must damage are sometimes obvious, such as in the case of shooting car tires to put it off the course heading towards your witness, but there are revelations that will boost your ego quite a bit.

As for the graphics in the game, everything styled black and white, except for red tones in blood and occasional objects, such as the bowtie on the witness’ neck for recognition, quite common in stick men games where all characters look the same and accessories are the only way to make them stand out.

Save The Witness is a sleek Flash-based sniping game with an attitude. It combines in itself the patient gameplay of sniper games with the tricky thinking of puzzles. With fitting background music, excellent atmosphere and a logical storyline, the game will provide excellent gaming experience for all fans of stick men games. Make sure to stick around for the twist ending!