Sift Heads World – Act 6

Sift Heads World Act 6By now you will not want any descriptions to tell you about Vinnie, the deadly sniper assassin who seems to be terrifying all the villains in some of the most popular stick men games you will see online. For those who do not know about Vinnie, Sift Heads World Act 6 might seem a teeny bit intimidating because this is the glorious and latest sequel to the long line of Sift Head World acts that have kept thousands of fans spell bound and addicted. But still this is a nice game for starters also because once you have mastered the strategy with this game working your way through the preceding games will be a song for you.

Sift Heads World Act 6 is the most recent release in the large series of stick men games featuring the sniper assassin Vinnie, Shorty his delicious girl friend and long time friend Kiro. You get the option of choosing from any of these main characters to start playing the game. No matter which hero becomes you, there will be tons of action because each one of them has a special ability. Don’t forget the immense weapon store you have at your disposal. The game can be played by anyone because it does not border on extremes. If you like stick men games with a mix of moderate and high end violence you should not miss Sift Heads World Act 6. It is entertaining, stimulating and keeps you in suspense as you continue to advance from mission to mission.

Sift Heads World Act 6


In this latest episode Vinnie and his team is out looking for vengeance to bring the culprits who destroyed their head quarters to a devastating end. Be prepared for surprises as you proceed because the team mates are going to discover that the dirty work is done by not only one bad clan but by a group of them working together.  To play the game deploy the mouse to activate the characters or interact with them. For picking up objects, aim and shoot you will have to use the mouse. W, A, D and S are for the animation sequences, space bar for engaging your weapon and R to reload. Enjoy Sift Heads World Act 6, it definitely ranks top among the best sniper assault online games ever made.