Sift Heads World – Ultimatum

Sift Heads World UltimatumSift Heads World Ultimatum is the latest entry in the popular Flash-based stick men game series. With improved visuals, polished gameplay and satisfying plot development, it takes you and the three main characters on a wild chase with both police and the mafia on their tails. Drive through the roadblocks, storm the enemy base with your guns a blazing and swing a katana in this engaging action game to see if the deadly trio bit off more than they could chew this time.

Sift Heads World Ultimatum is one of the latest entries in the browser-based action game series featuring Vinnie, Kiro and Shorty as the main characters facing off against squads of police cars and dozens of mafia goons chasing them through the city streets. As you progress through the storyline, you will be taken a back by stunning visuals and intuitive gameplay that reaches far beyond the scope of other stick men games.

When the characters aren’t involved in deadly shootouts, they hide out in the safety of a safe house to reload, heal wounds and change their equipment. New weapons and ammo can be bought in shops around the city, reachable by car and seen on the map. As the story of Sift Heads World Ultimatum progresses, more money, new equipment and various outfits can be obtained in the game.

The players are given mixed controls, switching between button tapping, shoot ‘em up with your mouse, an adventure-style gameplay where you explore rooms and use items, along with a chase scene where you actually get to drive a car through a road block. It’s hard to come by stick men games that feature so many forms of interactivity, but this one really pulls it off and makes it work.

Breaks between active gameplay in Sift Heads World Ultimatum are filled with professionally crafted cutscenes. You might feel like you’re watching an interactive movie, with twists, turns and characters to root for. The dialogue is cheesy and action sequences are often over the top, but one would not expect more from stick men games. In fact, the game lifts the genre to new heights with its action-packed plotline.

Sift Heads World Ultimatum

Vinnie’s team is faced with more problems than ever before, with Shorty wounded and Kiro caught by the police, both events unfolding before your eyes as you play through the first few chapters of Sift Heads World Ultimatum. Long-time enemies Alonzo and Yuuma are out to kill them, and it takes the trio some time before they can pull it together and retaliate in their usual fashion.

To get a break from boring old stick men games and throw yourself into some high quality action-packed shoot ‘em up adventure with awesome graphics, go ahead and play Sift Heads World Ultimatum!