Sniper 2

Sniper 2.v.2Sni[P]r 2 is a simplistic tower defense game in which you play as a sniper defending a building against waves of incoming enemies. The only goal is to survive using your shooting and aiming skills and constantly buying upgrades with the money you earn. It is meant for people who like pursuing high scores.

Sni[P]r 2 is part of the stick men games genre. The core of the game is based on shooting at incoming stick men who are bent on destroying the tower you are sitting on top off. You have to be quick in your aim and decide carefully on which upgrades to buy with the money you earn. The gameplay in Sni[P]r 2 resembles that of the Sniper tower defender. There is not much to it actually – you point your gun with your mouse and shoot them with the left mouse button. Each kill brings you money with which you buy two types of upgrades – a better sniper and better fortifications for your tower. The gameplay is similar to all tower defense stick men games. The game is quite hard at times, but after all it is meant for people who cherish a challenge.
The Sound effects in the game are of high quality and one of the most charming events is the solid sound of bullets jumping off the armor of a tank. Great care has been taken when designing the sound for the game.

Sniper 2.v.2


This all makes the gameplay and feeling all the more involving. Graphically Sni[P]r 2 is simple, but clear. Stick men have different colored heads, depending on their resistance and speed. The guns and tower also have different colors depending on the strength. The backgrounds and color scheme are beautiful and create a great atmosphere for such a simple game. Sni[P]r 2 upgrades the visuals and great sounds of many stick men games. Simple, but smooth animations get the action going, along with the fast-paced soundtrack which inspires quick thinking. It is fun and intuitive and even though it is quite difficult at times, it provides a rewarding experience for those seeking to kill some time with it