SticK Brawl

SticK BrawlStick Brawl is a Flash-based fighting game that features two game modes to beat and four levels to clear, each with a boss to take out. Expect a fight you can’t back down from! Eliminate waves of enemies armed with swords, spears and clubs. See how long you can stay alive!

Stick Brawl is exactly what is says on the tin; an all-out fighting game where you use your fists and everything else you can get your hands on to win arguments against hordes of angry stick men, equipped with deadly weapons and bad tempers. It pulls off an atmosphere of carnage and intense combat that most stick men games only try to achieve. A must play for all fans of browser-based stick fighting games!

First, you’re offered a choice between Brawl Mode and Arcade Mode. The former is built around four separate levels, which you have to clear by reaching and beating a boss, while the latter is a survival game against endless waves of enemies, which can be stopped only by your death. Both modes greet you with a crowd of hostile green stick men with clubs, spears and swords.

The controls are as straightforward as they can get, which is well in line with the fighting game genre. SticK BrawlYou press ‘A’ to attack and ‘S’ to pick up weapons your foes leave behind. As you probably already guessed, pressing both buttons simultaneously will initiate a special attack sequence that will cover the ground around you in a series of earth-shattering explosions.

Despite the rough art seen in all stick men games, Stick Brawl delivers surprisingly stunning visuals. The first stage of Brawl Mode takes place on a rocky cliff in the middle of a volcano, which is made clear by simple, but creative textures of ashes, smoke and magma.

As you might suspect, the game can induce a yawn or two after you get the hang of kicking your opponents’ asses and keeping yourself supplied with weapons, medkits and specials. However, it takes hours to get there, and Stick Brawl gives what other stick men games can’t deliver!