Stick War

Stick WarStick War is a Flash-based strategy game that sends you on a quest to defeat four major warring nations, each with their own special weapons. As you advance through the game, you acquire technology from your defeated enemies to be used in your continued conquest. See if you can win!

Stick War is miles ahead of other stick men games, single-handedly introducing the proper strategy genre for browser-based Flash gaming environment. It has veered away from the traditional notions of tower defense games, allowing you to experience the thrill of victory after you fend off the enemy forces that are overrunning your base.

It’s a full out strategy game that allows you to mine gold, train units and attack the enemy monument to bring them down, all while protecting your own. Despite the linear gameplay, it prompts you to employ several tricks and tactical decisions to overcome the enemy.

However, the opposing forces have quite a few tricks up their sleeve as well. With Normal, Hard and Insane difficulty levels to choose from, Stick War has a type of gameplay in store for any fan of stick men games. Stick WarThe game mechanics are tied in with the storyline, which sends you and your army on a quest to conquer Inamorata’s four great nations, each of which worship a specific type of weapon as their god and build their life around it.

Archidonis are known as exceptional archers, Swordwrath spend their whole lives training in swordplay, Magikill are skilled spellcasters and Speartons (a play of words on ‘Spear’ and ‘Spartans’) are just as sturdy and good with a spear as their historical counterparts. You as the fifth nation are forced to launch a massive campaign to end the regular attacks on your borders once and for all.

Every nation has also developed advanced technology for their respective weapons, which can be acquired once you conquer them and allow you to build units of each of these nations. The whole game is based around your army’s continued advancement in the enemy territory, culminating when you conquer everything and win the Stick War!