Stickman Castle Defence

Arcade Stickman release its very first stickman game, Stickman Castle Defence . As his own name says, you have to defend castles with your own Stickman Master Archer.Stickman Castle Defence

Three different kingdoms are under attack of the enemies forces. Several waves have been launched towards your main bases in 10 strategy points.
Use all your strategy skills and different arrows and objects to defend all castles and make it alive.Stickman Castle Defence

Defend your position from Stick Swordsmen,Stick Axeman,Stick Archers, Stick Wizards and several bosses.

Hit with your arrows in

Bombs РTo make an explosion that will damage nearby  enemies.

Ice – To slow down nearby enemies.

Power Up – To get more points to use the specials.

Life Up – To recover some energy base.