Tactical Assassin 2

Tactical Assassin 2Tactical Assassin 2 is the sequel of strategy game Tactical Assassins. It uses pretty much the same gameplay mechanic with some additions. The main goal of the game is to go through the series of missions given to you, killing only the designated targets with your trusty set of weapons.

Tactical Assassin 2 continues the saga of the Tactical Assassin franchise, which is part of the stick men games genre. The goal of the game is to kill the targets you are told to, while carefully examining the intel you are given. During levels you gain money, which allows you to buy new equipment. Gameplay wise, Tactical Assassin 2 has received numerous boosts compared to the first game of the franchise. Instead of simply pointing and shooting at the target, this time around a recoil system and smooth movement of the crosshair is employed, making for a more realistic feel. The upgrade system is useful and the more accurate the weapon or the accessory, the more fun the gameplay. There are even pills that you can take in order to lessen the recoil of your rifle. The upgrades compared to the previous game are considered more of a pro. As far as stick men games go, Tactical Assassin 2 has really lovely sound effects and soundtrack. The sequel continues the habit of the previous game to employ a lovely soundtrack, deprived from famous spy flicks like Mission Impossible and the James Bond Saga. The color scheme is in black and white, whereas red is used for blood. The movement animations are slick and the physics are actually pretty impressive. The ways bodies explode once they are hit is carefully programmed and prove to make the experience more realistic. These are all factors that affect gameplay. The only blemish is the way too smooth movement of the crosshair, making the gameplay a little harder than it should be.  The game is most definitely a jewel among stick men games. Tactical assassin 2 is a fun and addictive strategy game, that takes the best of its prequel and therefore boosting the experience.


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