Tactical Assassin 3

Tactical Assassin 3 - SubstratumTactical Assassin 3 – Substratum  once again puts you in the role of a sniper agent, who has to take care of his latest set of assignments. The core gameplay remains unchanged and you will have to go through various missions with specialized intel given before each one.

Tactical Assassin 3 is the finalization of the Tactical Assassin stick men games. The idea of the game is the same as in all the previous ones – you take up your trusty sniper rifle and use it to take care of the targets you are assigned to. Each mission becomes harder and requires careful analysis of the intel. The game play in Tactical Assassin 3 remains the same more or less. This time around however upgrades and purchases have been removed, stripping the game only to its most basic idea – killing the targets you are assigned to. It’s hard to decide whether this is a good or bad decision however. The missions are interesting and provide diverse gameplay opportunities. One crucially bad decision however is the removal of the slender soundtrack that made the previous games of the set so well. Now you are conducting your missions in utter silence, save for the shots heard from your gun. The sound effects, as few as they are, are good though – the sound of a gun firing and the shell of the bullet falling on the ground provides a nice effect, putting you deep into the skin of the sniper. Graphics are once again typical for all stick men games. The black and white scheme is a nice, yet repetitive touch, and the animations are still as good as ever in Tactical Assassin 3. The levels have detailed environments and the smoothing of the movement of the crosshair has been removed, providing an easier play style. Even though it is not as good as its predecessor, Tactical Assassin 3 is a nice ending for this set of stick men games. It is definitely worth a try if you have tried some of the previous games of the franchise. It has a nice strategic feel to it and definitely leaves you asking for more.


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