Tactical Assassin

Tactical AssassinTactical Assassin is a neat sniper puzzle game, which puts you in the role of a sniper, who goes through a set of various missions, killing targets after carefully briefing the information given. Strategy and wit are key elements in this fun game.

Tactical assassin is a proud member of the stick men games genre. You take up the role of an agent sniper, who is given various tasks of assassination. Along the missions, you will be given intel about what you are to do and you must use your wit and strategic thought to achieve your goals. The gameplay of Tactical Assassin resembles that of other sniper stick men games. You are given only a sniper rifle, portrayed by a crosshair and before every mission you are briefed about the task. You must analyze the contents of the briefing and make the best of your abilities by employing stealth and wit. Even though it is simple in nature, the game is fun to play. There is a quiet, yet neat soundtrack in the atmosphere of the Mission Impossible series. It helps you think the missions through and stay calm on your quest. The sound effects are restricted to shots fired, but it is more than enough for a game, which requires the use of stealth. The graphics of Tactical Assassin are similar to all stick men games.Tactical Assassin


The color scheme is only black and white, save for the blood once you blow the brains out of an enemy. The movement animations of enemy stickmen are neat, but what blemishes the experience is the fact that you can only observe the level through your scope and every other part of the background outside the scope is pitch black. Tactical Assassin is definitely an addictive game in all counts. It is good to see that stick men games still employ interesting gameplay and manage to keep you hooked. Even if you are a little bit annoyed at first by the crosshair and the black background, its smooth movement and the nice soundtrack will help you settle in nicely into the game world.

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