Urban Sniper 2

Urban Sniper 2Urban Sniper 2 has you shoot targets, eliminate threats and use the environment to your advantage in a vengeful mission to kill Don Pedrito, the man behind your father’s death. You will have to exercise patience, logical approach and superior reflexes to clear all missions and carry out your revenge!

Urban Sniper 2 is a sequel to the much acclaimed sniper game that cast a huge shadow on all stick men games of the same genre. Following the last twist of its predecessor, you’re turning against your former employers who betrayed you by killing your father. You decide to act alone and the in-game emails used in the first game to deliver you missions now take the form of tips from your few remaining friends for the whereabouts of your sworn enemies.

The stakes are even higher this time and most missions feature other hired snipers who are out to kill you, distracting you from your main objective and killing you if you’re careless.

Like in the previous version, death and most failed missions make you start the game over. The bullet supply is larger this time, but still miles away from the limitless arsenal of other stick men games. The necessity to save it up throughout the whole gameplay is also retained.

The additional ammo in Urban Sniper 2 is not uncalled for. The very first mission has you kill 15 men in random locations around the map. Alerting the nearby witnesses sends them running, so you must take care to either be as sneaky or as quick about your kills as possible.

Urban Sniper 2The game’s difficulty level follows an upward slope that might force you to start over if you’re not careful. When you’re on top of the game, however, the quality black-and-white visuals and natural sounds let you feel like a professional sniper, making your attentive actions very rewarding.

If mindless stick men games with no challenges to face or story to follow don’t cut it for you anymore, align your monitor, ready your mouse and prepare your aiming skills for an engaging game of Urban Sniper 2!