Urban Sniper

Urban SniperUrban Sniper gives you a limited amount of bullets and a long list of targets to eliminate throughout many levels of non-linear gameplay. Accept your missions and track down the people you’re hired to kill, but watch out as for every new friend you get, a dozen new enemies want you out of the picture.

Urban Sniper is a sniper game that far exceeds the quality seen in similar stick men games. The missions are appropriately challenging and the means to kill your targets are often less than straightforward, which is surprising considering the genre’s tendency to be simple minded.

The story kicks off as you receive an email from your first contact, willing to provide you with some first time assassination work. You are a newcomer in the ‘business’ and cannot afford to be picky about your tasks. Your ammo supply is also limited and you are expected to make it through the whole game with the same supply.

Failures sometimes present you with one last opportunity, but more often than not, a single failed mission brings you back to point A. The missions also don’t automatically end upon completion. You are presented with a choice to exit them at any time and see if you completed all your objectives successfully.

Neither browser-based sniper shooters, nor stick men games are known for being a challenge of wits, instead providing a quick way to hone your reflexes. Urban Sniper breaks that stereotype and pulls off both aspects of quality gameplay brilliantly.
On your first mission, you are hired to take out two targets meeting with each other in the middle of a wide street and there’s no telling when, where and between which two people the meeting will take place. Everyone looks the same in stick men games, proving this even more of a challenge.

As you complete the mission, the storyline takes you through similarly complicated tasks, often with little specific instructions. However, the few tips you are given are often vital to your success, so every one of those ‘in-game’ emails is a useful and sometimes even interesting read.

Urban SniperSome of them reveal the occasional creative sparks of the game, such as your boss treating you to a mission to kill a dog that harasses your wife’s cat. With no witnesses!

Once you approach the mid-game and final missions, you will find blowing up cars with precision shots to their fuel barrels, taking out witnesses before actual targets, using nearby objects to your advantage and other tricks to be very useful and sometimes vital to the success of your missions.

However, there’s no point in disclosing all of the details here. Take the extra while to learn them yourself by playing Urban Sniper!