Causality Road Rage

Causality Road RageCausality Road Rage is a point-and-click puzzle game with a deadly twist. Once you enter one of the three levels, there are only two ways out. Either all stick men die, or you give up. The former will bring you to the next level and show you quite a few violent, even amusing freak accidents that will take the lives of unsuspecting stickmen one by one.

Causality Road Rage takes the fans of the popular stick men games and curious newcomers to an unfamiliar setting, featuring motorized traffic for the first time in the series. As always, you’re supposed to kill every single stick man on the map to advance to the next level by using objects seen on the screen to your advantage.

The game location is set in a gas station, creating plenty of opportunities for destruction and mass-deaths. As the people maneuver between the highly flammable situations, it’s up to you to make sure they end up bumping headfirst into them.

Don’t expect this to be one of those easy stick men games created for the sake of showcasing violent animation. Causality is a challenging puzzle game series where your progression from one level to another is complicated by multiple layers of difficulty.

Causality Road Rage is only comprised of a single level instead of the usual three, but it doesn’t fall short of presenting an engaging sequence of events for you to replicate.

Before you can start killing people by clicking random objects, there is an annoying rule worth remembering. No other stick men must see anyone else die.

The sequence in which you initiate every event also matters. You’ll often find yourself losing the game because you didn’t click the objects in the right order and some of the stick men managed to escape their deadly fate.

Causality Road RageSpeed is not always an issue, as you can usually wait as much as you want. When it is, however, you need to pay close attention to everything on screen and have a clear plan in mind before proceeding, or you’ll find yourself replaying the level again.

Speaking of which, you can replay the game as many times as you want by clicking the reset button in the corner of the screen. When you do this, the timer keeps going, so if you care about the score, you best clear the game with as little attempts as possible.

Overall, stick men games have started to offer quite a few entries similar to the Causality series. However, the popular game series secures the top spot with a new surge of originality. See it for yourself by playing Causality Road Rage!